Lucy Olivia Grace



Name: Lucy Olivia Grace
What town are you from: Peterborough
Bra size: 32A
Dress size: 6/7
Shoe size: 6

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What are you up to right now?
Right now I am in Studio One, Peterborough, with photographer Adi Dewey as I now have my designated mac in the office to work on and edit my images as I’m learning camera stuff!

Are you into tatts and piercings? If so, what have you got?
I am absolutely obsessed with piercings and becoming pretty mad about tattoos. I have a lot of piercings: right tragus, left helix and cartilage, both ear lobes holepunched (I’m too lazy to stretch!) to 9mms at the moment, side lip, tongue, 2 skin divers under each collar bone, three demal anchors on the back of my neck, top and bottom of belly button, both nipples, and my beautiful Christina piercing. I have three tattoos at the moment: My biggest is on my back, a heart and flowers with the words “En Grace Affi” which is the motto for my last name Grace. It translates to “In Grace depend”. On my right thigh I have a memorial tattoo for one of my closest friends in the world – It is a Jack Daniels logo in a plectrum with a scroll. I also have a love heart locket above my Christina piercing ☺

What’s your favourite album ever?
I’m so eclectic with music it’s difficult to decide. I loved talented artists/songwriters like Adele – ‘19’ and ‘21’ are incredibly written. However, I love a lot of metal and hardcore that used to be around 4-5 years ago. I love reggae, soul, jazz, dirty dubstep, oldschool punk – anything apart from the mainstream faux porn artists.

What’s your booze of choice?
Jack Daniels, Malibu, apple sourz or Kopparberg berry cider.

Who’s your favorite model?
I love Agness Deyn for her individual and unique style. I like the models with the ‘edgy’ look, I think it’s great to see and inspires me to be myself no matter what.

Your first ever gig?
I was about 13 and went to see Panic! At the Disco in Birmingham. It was amazing, I was obsessed at the time. I still to this day like a good dance to their tracks!

Got any secret passions?
None of my passions are secret, I’m a very open person and I’m proud of who I am. I love butterscotch angel delight, sad romantic movies and classic literature… I’m a bit of a geek at heart, and I don’t care :P

Anything else that you’re itching to tell us?
I guess I’m just your average girl who wants the best that life can give. I’m determined, hardworking and honest. I live for the moment and nothing matters more to me than those I love. ☺

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