Jasmine W


Name: Jasmine W
What town are you from: Manchester.
Bra size: D
Dress size: 10
Shoe size: 5

What are you up to right now?
Just got back from the stables from pampering my horses and took them for a nice hack out in the lovely sunshine!

Are you into tatts and piercings? If so, what have you got?
I like them but im not exactly into them… I only have my ears pierced and I have a tattoo on my right hip which is a love heart with some swirls coming off either side.

What’s your favourite album ever?
Hmm, this is also a hard question! I cant really answer this but I love clubland classics or ant R ‘n’ B Albums there is no favourite!

What’s your booze of choice?
I vary in my drinks I can be girly and drink wine but I like to drink jack daniels and coke it is my all time favorite, oh! And peach snap’s!

Who’s your favorite model?
I couldn’t tell you because I have too many! I cant choose that’s too much of a hard question.

Your first ever gig?
Errm it was Spice Girls! Haha childhood memories.

Got any secret passions?
Noo not at all I don’t have secrets! I’m outspoken but if Ive been told a secrets and not said a word!! ☺

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